my lately

For the first time in weeks, I haven’t had to leave town for the weekend. I can’t tell you how relieved I felt on Saturday simply knowing that I was staying put. And I have nothing terribly exciting to show for it, but that’s kind of the point, isn’t it?! My boys and I went to Kensington Market mostly so that I could weave in and out of a few health food stores and restock pantry items. I was ecstatic to find my favourite Maritime Seashore Honey back on the shelf; I do believe I hugged that lil jar. The boys’ patience with my meandering was rewarded with a Bunner’s bakeshop fix. (Which, incidentally, I got in on.)

Sunday morning I was possessed by the notion of taking apart our antique wooden dining table. There’s a 1/4″ gap where its two halves ought to meet, right at the place where a leaf can be added. I no longer have the leaves and it doesn’t join squarely without one. Needless to say, ideally it wasn’t a one-woman job. Of course, I couldn’t admit this until its legs and struts were removed and it lay in pieces on the floor. There was much cursing and blistering of palm while driving in stubborn screws and admitting that the gap can’t be filled without creating a new piece. Still, I like the challenge of a good fixit job, so it ain’t over til it’s over …

On the Sunday breakfast front, my new oatmeal variation has been the addition of a few chopped dates, a spoonful of coconut butter, hemp hearts, fresh blueberries, raspberries and a drizzle of warm maple syrup. And there was some of that exquisite Seashore honey on toast today. Thank you, Kensington Market, giver of honey and gluten-free bread goodness.

I’d like to say that I spent this afternoon walking in sunshine. But … nope. Not even close. You know you haven’t spent enough time at home when you’re looking forward to organizing your kitchen, catching up on laundry and not going anywhere except to the teapot and back.

Sunday slowly. And pussy willows …