weekend bits

You know you’re firmly under Bunner’s spell when you call ahead on Saturday morning and reserve a bunch of muffins with your credit card to avoid the disappointment of finding they’re sold out.  Yesterday was no different: out came the card; in went the muffins. And when I looked up as I approached the Kensington shop and saw Strombo sitting on the bench beneath their front window, quietly enjoying an ice cream cone, I smiled even bigger on the inside. It was a perfect Saturday afternoon. Music filled the streets, the crowds were tame, talkative and sun-drenched, wandering slowly as people in the market do.

I went to an “Attic Sale” in a historic church, the streets lined with pink and white magnolias, the yards blanketed with their falling blooms. The contrast of white magnolia against a flawless blue sky is a crystalline memory. Green tea lemonade on a patio, then plenty of walking from one neighbourhood to the next, carrying a few sale treasures.

Number one is in Montréal, visiting her beau on a film set. So I’ve been doing double-duty on cat care, popping from their house to mine. I’ve had my east end fix, combing Leslieville, Riverdale and The Danforth. These spring legs are on the move …

I begin a three-month long work contract tomorrow, so I’m milking every last ounce of this Sunday! How’s your weekend been, friends?

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