peony perfection

There’s something completely dislocating about having flu symptoms in June when you’ve said goodbye (and good riddance) to a Northern winter. Lying in bed with a piercingly sore throat and all the mundane aspects of aching joints and pounding head, my brain is wired to expect snow outside, not the trees beyond my bedroom window outstretched and impossibly green. Or the peonies on my dining table full to bursting. But so it is. And when my fever finally broke this evening, I picked up my camera and sidled up to a vase. If the fates have dealt you a summer cold, you may as well have peonies.

The other highlight of my sickie day? An information package about the house I’m renting in Bali arrived at my door! Included was a book by the house’s expat owner, a writer and poet, chronicling his early years there and how they shaped him. So I definitely have something to sink my teeth into over the weekend. I leave at the end of September, spending October and November in Bali. I’m not sure I’ve even fully taken that in. But each time I look at photos of Ubud and the surrounding country side, I’m shaken by a most delicious surge of excitement. I’ve collected some favourites from around the web to set the mood. Sharing begins soon, so stay tuned …