savour | looking back

Recently, I accidentally discovered a handful of posts (most from 2013) that weren’t imported from Bliss In Images when Wildwood Collective went live. They may have slipped through the cracks, but I’ve decided to rebirth them as I love them so. Without having intended to, it’s been interesting to reflect upon changes that have occurred since then. A year ago I gave up work in the culinary industry (though I’m sure I’ll never say never) making a major life-changing move, selling, giving away belongings and down-sizing to relocate to Toronto. I’ve reestablished my urban roots and city smarts, exploring the nooks and crannies of neighbourhoods while safeguarding my love of nature—and relishing the endless green space surrounding me. While I sorely miss friends (no small thing) I’m closer to family, my old haunts and the neighbourhoods imprinted with the discoveries of my childhood, adolescence and early adult years. I’ve revisited my old neighbourhoods and slowly sifted through fragments of joy and pain—the experiences that have shaped me—to get closer to an understanding of place, and the ways in which it defines you, but also repositions you to experience life anew. I’ve set goals and challenges, wildly accomplishing some and patiently re-setting others. And I’ve laid myself open to new experiences, wrestling with and quieting anxiety, discomfort and fear to truly dig into this one and only life.

To kick things off—a weekend breakfast post. (Now, if this plate of goodness could actually reappear on my table …)