solace | looking back

This week I’m reposting some entries from Bliss In Images—the ones that eluded import to Wildwood. As if on cue, echoing the post below, summer heat has switched on with a vengeance. Fortunately I’m not slogging it out in the blast furnace of a restaurant kitchen. And for that, I thank all the gods …

(Originally posted July 20, 2013)

Without the benefit of air conditioning or a lake in which to wildly plunge, yesterday’s torrential downpour was a balm, cutting through both heat and misery. A collective sigh was heard around this house, let me tell you. Movement over these past few days required calculated effort. And unless that involved a trip to the fridge for something cold (or better yet, frozen) it hardly seemed worthwhile stirring from the couch. At precisely the moment I felt I couldn’t withstand the heat wave any longer, a monumental shift occurred. The effects of which were spectacular—namely, utter relief.

Having actually slept last night, the prospect of working in the restaurant kitchen today felt like a bit of a cake walk. No heat and no dread! I walked home in the late afternoon with a cool breeze for company, snipping hydrangea before coming in the front door. A fresh pot of tea, an outrageous mound of cherries and Number Two’s collection of E.B. White’s New Yorker writings (nicked while he’s out of town) have catapulted me into feeling quite human—and remarkably patient—once again.