Summer Eats

Come summer, I never experience the cooking slump that frequently hits mid-winter. Garden fresh fruits and vegies change everything. Suddenly there’s an explosion of colour, a snap and a sweetness that offsets the density of cold weather food. A week can pass without the oven being turned on and raw foods offer a reprieve to already hot, close days.

Like most people, my appetite, tastes and moods change with the seasons. Lately, the sun’s been tearing a strip off most days and I’ve been wanting fresh fish, heaps of salad and a quota of vegies that winter just can’t top. High points from last week included: Wild Pacific Salmon with baby spinach salad (blueberries, carrot strips, cukes, dried crans, walnuts and pepitas) and a citrus vinaigrette; Vietnamese salad rolls—chicken and vegetarian (mango, cukes, sweet bell peppers, Thai basil and coriander)—with a homemade sweet chili-lime dipping sauce; Bibb lettuce wraps filled with curried chicken, mango, cukes, dried crans, Thai basil, coriander, cashews and sunflower sprouts. And summer’s must-have guacamole with really good seasoned corn chips and lemonade. Oh, and gluten-free pizza with pesto, olives, sundried tomatoes, caramelized onion and feta. But that beauty was downed nearly as quickly as it was made, so the camera never stood a chance.

Here’s to summer foods …

wild pacific salmon





Vietnamese Cold Rolls

Vietnamese Salad Rolls




curried chicken lettuce wraps