Autumn Closing In


As much as I welcome a change in season (sweater season!) in all ways, I’m not at all unhappy about extending my summer—in Bali. The cold comes all too quickly and ferociously in these northern parts. There will be plenty of that (and plenty of sweaters) when I get back!

September always resets my compass. I set to list-making and organizing and re-feathering the nest. And somehow, it feels like a start to a new calendar year. So, enter list-making. I’m in the final lap of trip organizing: applying for 60-day visa stay; apartment subletting; acquiring new luggage; nailing down my packing. And then there’s Back-To-School shopping for Number Four. I timed my departure so that I wouldn’t miss out on that, as well as wanting to be here while he settles in to his second year of high school. Oh, and there are murmurs of a going away party for this mama, so that’s put a big ole smile on my face.

In the meantime, my feet are planted in the here and now, and I’m greedily soaking up every ravine walk I can, every whisper of autumn. September in Toronto—I wouldn’t want to miss it.