Two weeks!


So, it’s been a bit of a hustle to nail down final details before embarking on my trip, but I’m truly able to say: Bali, you can now have all of my heart! My 60-day visa is planted in my passport, a fantastic deal on a spiffy suitcase solved the luggage conundrum, and most importantly—my apartment is sublet, with cat care to boot! Deep exhale on that one …

Two weeks and I’m skyward! In the meantime, there’s clothing to sort, packing to distill down to essentials, heavy-duty apartment cleaning slated with some belongings stored, music to download, lists to be made and a farewell party to tip back a glass or two (or three) at. Oh, and a little something I’m making for each of my kiddos (which I’d love to tell you about, except they do check in here from time-to-time so I’d be unmasking the surprise).

And in case you hadn’t already discovered, this is a good time to share that Wildwood Collective is now on Instagram. I’ll be updating the blog while I’m in Bali/Gili Air, but for daily goings-on, Instagram will be where it’s at: @wildwood_collective. So please feel free to follow along. I’m excited to share this journey with you as it unfolds!


photos: we the people