resting zenface

I’ve been shushing travel anxiety big time and focusing on ticking things off my list, which brings instant relief. And I discovered, too, that amalgamating all the bits and pieces of wayward lists as one master list not only made common sense, but prettying it up was therapeutic. Hello, midnight painting. Hello, resting zen face.Ya gotta do what ya gotta do to tame travel anxiety. The check marks they are growing …


A few weeks back, when I was wandering through Kensington Market, I happened upon a street poet. I watched her, shyly, while eating my lunch outside Urban Herbivore—she was nestled on a porch, perched at her tiny typewriter, offering spontaneous poems to passersby who tossed her some subject matter. I did a shopping loop and made my way back to her. She looked up and smiled and asked if I’d like a poem, giving me fair warning that she’d used up her quota of cat and dog requests. So I said: I’ve got something for you. I’m traveling pretty soon to Bali. A mama with big kids now and solo adventure burning inside her. And then she looked at me with the kindest eyes and a knowingness that was unnerving and said: I’ve got it.

She plunked away at the keys and within minutes wrote something that brought tears to my eyes. And, I have to say, I love the typo ‘wrold”. Because, what is this world if not downright mixed up?