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and now for something blissfully different: ayala bar

I walked home from work today amidst fleeting sunshine, a cup of chai in hand. My gaze drifted towards the windows of our small downtown shops, each revamped for spring. One display in particular caused… Continue reading

valerie mckeehan’s chalkboard art

The discovery of Valerie McKeehan’s hand lettered chalk art brought a hefty dose of tranquility to an otherwise hectic day. I’m thinking a little bit of that goes a long way right about… Continue reading

repurposed sweater tea cosy

Trigger Warning: talk of tea cosies, yarn and craftiness. (Yawns may ensue … ) Yesterday the cold and whipping winds made it burrowing weather. I toyed with the notion of sinking deeper into… Continue reading

hello, november!

I’m all for drawing close every shred of beauty I can find to infuse colour and simple abundance into the cold, harsh months that lie ahead. Geninne Zlatkis is a freelance artist and… Continue reading

off the clock

Welcome to my Wednesday weekend! A couple of days off, smack dab in the middle of the week while the working world spins madly on. I’ve been taking it down a notch, getting… Continue reading

Happy Weekending

I’m in Toronto, house sitting for Number One while she and her man do some well-deserved frolicking in Montréal. The Brand New Teenager has happily tagged along with me. We both need this… Continue reading

chalk it up to style

I’ve been enthralled for some time now by the custom chalk stylings of Brooklyn-based graphic designer and hand-letterer, Dana Tanamachi. The impermanence of her art form adds a rare quality to its beauty.… Continue reading

pens and needles

Izziyana (“Izzi”) Suhaimi is a Signaporean artist who layers embroidery against a backdrop of illustration and watercolour to create refreshing, vibrant and textural portraits. She pays homage to the meticulous tradition of needlework… Continue reading

shadow and light

Happy Sunday, friends! We’re slowly, lazily unfurling around here. Tea has been made and sipped and some of us are already back to napping … I’m looking forward to printing some photos today,… Continue reading

creative space: Gisèle d’Ailly van Waterschoot van der Gracht

What can you say about a woman whose name alone is as illustrious and artful as her 100 years? Gisèle d’Ailly van Waterschoot van der Gracht is an artist whose life story unfolds… Continue reading


I’ve gone from one weekend to the next without a word or photo left here. So, a little about my “lately” seems a good idea! Last week was spent ushering all manner of… Continue reading

creative space: heather alexander

My long-time friend, Heather Alexander, is an artist who continually inspires me to lead a more fully engaged, creative life. She leaves an artistic imprint on everything she touches: her home, her garden,… Continue reading

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