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hello, october

That first sip … Advertisements

dare I say pumpkin spice?

Several years ago, I made pumpkin cranberry scones one autumn for a café I worked in. They sold like crrrazy, and the folks, well they just wanted more. So this week, in addition… Continue reading

pie o’clock

My weekend included a large bowl of apples and a little baking stint. Something I rarely need my arm twisted to do. Unless of course we’re smack dab in the dog days of… Continue reading

munch. enjoy. repeat!

Have you latched onto certain foods, flavour combos or recipes that you eat repeatedly and never seem to grow tired of? I have a weakness for a number of things that, inexplicably, I… Continue reading

yogurt decadence

Last night, Kieran requested a favourite yogurt treat. Being in vacay-mode, I was happy to please my Number Four. And as few things could be more simple to make—or delicious—I thought I’d share… Continue reading


Today, scorching temps outside and ovens blasting within, made for one gory stretch in the restaurant kitchen. Despite double-fisting glasses of ice water, cranberry juice and sparkling water throughout service, a hammering headache… Continue reading

school’s out: frozen banana pops

Yesterday was (mercifully) the last day of grade seven for Number Four and his friends. Actually, I think they switched their brains off when the heat wave hit last week, but who can… Continue reading

summer morning

Simply sweet.


Why is it that a day off just flies by, no matter how you attempt to slow it down?! Today’s been a good day for puttering, and while this mini heat wave put… Continue reading

baked bliss

It’s Valentine’s Day, and sooner or later all roads lead to chocolate. The early part of my morning was spent baking, piping and topping these little cuppies for the café. Pure. Chokky. Bliss.… Continue reading

doily cookies: part two

With Valentine’s day just up ahead, it’s a perfect time for creating some sweet ‘n special treats. My original doily cookies have been so well-loved and shared, that another batch seemed just the… Continue reading

chasing the grey away

I hope your weekend is full of small wonders …

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