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Sunday Slowly

Gone is the grisly humidity of these past couple of weeks and the weather is just right for sleeping (relief!) and tea-drinking and opening windows. This morning I collected a handful of acorns,… Continue reading

Saturday Morning, 10 a.m.

Few words, just space to ignite transformation and a cup of ginger-lemon tea.

sip slowly | looking back

More from the posts that got away … Location: my old house (Originally posted July 16, 2013) The temperature continues to soar, and so today was a day for moving utterly slowly. That… Continue reading

peony perfection

There’s something completely dislocating about having flu symptoms in June when you’ve said goodbye (and good riddance) to a Northern winter. Lying in bed with a piercingly sore throat and all the mundane… Continue reading

my lately

Waking to the sound of birds hungry for spring. Lately, these have been coffee mornings and tea afternoons. Salad has returned to the table with an unquenchable longing for greens. Traipsing through the… Continue reading


How has your weekend been? My living room is flooded with sunshine, making this couch even more of an anchor. I’m simply lapping it up. It’s been a weekend of puttering and making.… Continue reading


This was the first thing I saw this morning, en route to the kettle (Apart from the cat, camped on my chest and staring at me). These parrot tulips can stare at me… Continue reading

then came spring

Only one word: relief!


I’m taking a week at home. Time away from work, from the busyness that’s kept me focused on the external, leaving me feeling a complete stranger to the interior me. I need to… Continue reading


I was looking through photos from last winter and was struck by just how many moments I could vividly recall: stolen mornings in bed with breakfast and tea; afternoon treks into the heart… Continue reading


Mornings aren’t always slow and often not simple. Sometimes they’re about waking when it’s still dark and stepping out into the early light without breakfast en route to work. Sometimes the alarm is… Continue reading

my lately

I’ve thought a lot about baking lately, but not doing. A lot about writing, but not making the time. A lot about friends, but not connecting. A lot about disappointment, but not overcoming.… Continue reading

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