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the weekend in bits and pieces

My Saturday afternoon walk came to a perfect end at the row of flower shops on Avenue Road below Davenport. The very ones where Zoë and I spent a morning choosing blooms for her wedding. The flower… Continue reading

my lately

There’s an ancient, sprawling oak tree just beyond our living room window. Its acorns are tumbling like mad, ricocheting off fences, roofs and blanketing every inch of ground. Fall has arrived and we’re… Continue reading

my lately

The finality of giving notice on my apartment has catapulted me into the reality that moving is happening, and soon. This is a big move for me, for all of us. Another city,… Continue reading

stop and smell the peonies

The interior of my head is a rather scrambled mess right now. There is no more room for any more information. My brain, if mapped, would be a topography of swirling details. Imminent… Continue reading

happy weekending

By mid-week, my healing turned a corner and I’m happy to say (and feel) that I’m now speedily on the mend—and back at work! I continue to jump through all kinds of hoops… Continue reading

wordless wednesday

photos by: bliss {in images}

in bloom

The smallest sprigs of Lily of the Valley have cast their sweet scent near my bed. I smell their fragrance as I approach on the stairs. It’s remarkable how a wisp of blooms in… Continue reading


How have you all been? It’s been a full and busy week over here. Monday night’s dinner and drinks meet up in Toronto left me with aching cheeks I laughed so hard. It… Continue reading

the more it snows …

Number Four and I were knocked over by stomach flu this week. It was grisly, so we won’t venture back there. Except to say that when my bout reached fever-pitch, Number Three’s friend… Continue reading

winter proofing

The more it snows, the more we try to outwit the cold. Or at least feebly attempt to embrace it. I thought about grocery shopping today. I even thought about banking and visiting… Continue reading

hibernation station

I’ve taken burrowing in these sub-zero temps to a new level. I’m firmly installed in my Hibernation Station (aka my bed nestled in an alcove under the pitch of the attic roof). It’s… Continue reading

baby, it’s damn cold outside

We’re experiencing full-on WINTER. The kind of cold that claws and stings. The kind of cold that summons every inch of your fortitude before you even step outside. And when you do, everything… Continue reading

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