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cat and mouse

Official motto of cats everywhere: play until you drop. I think it should be mine for the new year. PS Welcome home, ZoĆ« and Aaron! I hope the cat cuddles are lush. photos… Continue reading

my lately

Pots of tea and the snap of peppermint chocolate. A heap of blankets and a cat squarely in the middle. A hanging star in the morning light. Scooping, measuring, mixing and rolling. Cinnamon… Continue reading

how to begin

I spent the entirety of Sunday reorganizing the second floor of my apartment. This is what I had to show for it: three bursting, it-takes-two-people-to-lift bags of garbage and castoffs; a bag of… Continue reading

happy weekending

Enjoy your weekend and stay toasty! I know what mine will include … photo by: bliss {in images}

cold comfort

Today was a day for bundling. Leaves skittered across sidewalks and lawns, and the wind made cheeks bright. Mitten, scarves, flannel shirts and quilts all came out of hiding. I zipped between appointments… Continue reading

table talk

The weekend seems to have flown by, and I’m greedily wanting just one more day! But it did feel very satisfying to clear a few must dos from the deck (hello, freshly laundered… Continue reading

weekend + bliss

I’m looking forward (with ridiculous delight) to not setting an alarm. Also: a trip to the farmer’s market; kidnapping a friend for a marathon coffee-thrifting date; transforming an empty bedroom into my new… Continue reading

hello, september!

Welcome to the week, friends. We’ve landed fully in September!?! This past weekend was the first I’ve not worked since spring. I’ve quickly eased back into a M-F routine, having a “real” weekend… Continue reading


This morning I awoke suddenly to the pull of a faint moon. Its tension drawing me up and out of bed just before sunrise. A breeze floated coolly across the room and I… Continue reading

mood indigo

photos by: bliss {in images}

bliss in a teacup

photos by: bliss {in images}

beauty and truth

When I was a young, first-time mother, I became acquainted with a woman who was newly divorced, having left not only her husband but an extremely affluent lifestyle. People shook their heads with… Continue reading

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