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peony love

There’s an abundance of peonies this week in my house—and on the blog. I was going to write overabundance, but just as quickly realized that there’s absolutely No Such Thing. Like lilacs and… Continue reading

in the bag

photos by: bliss {in images}

lotions, potions and tinkering

Lately, with the busyness of work and a side project under wraps, nothing has rivaled the anticipation of unplugging on weekend mornings. Turning the ringer off the house phone, shutting off my mobile,… Continue reading

on (happily) not getting things done

It’s a cat’s life round here, it seems. And although I am a dog person by nature, there have been many surprising benefits (we won’t talk about stubborn fleas, the 4 am demonic… Continue reading

nooks and crannies

Sometimes joy waits quietly for you in the places you see everyday, but forget to notice …

back to bed

Lately, pulling myself out of bed to meet a work day morning has been a true test of my superpowers. The alarm pierces the quiet of a room still cloaked in darkness. And… Continue reading


A quiet day filled with tea and honey, books and journals. A day of emptying closets and finding childhood artwork and decorations for a tree. A day of solitude and the sweetness of first clementines.


Today’s an at home day. A catch-up day. A day of comfort, soup and banana bread making and plenty of hot chocolate taken decadently to bed with a book. I hope your cocoon… Continue reading

retreat {part two}

There was once a blue wooden mail box that stood where the road dipped. It marked the entrance to our farmhouse, a line of maple trees overhanging the steep drive on either side.… Continue reading

tea and paper lanterns

Lately, I’ve had some excellent (and thrift-worthy!) visits to my hometown, Toronto. Number Two celebrated his birthday last month, and since  his beloved Portugal was playing a Euro cup match, he orchestrated a… Continue reading

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