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Lately, my days have been a jumble of work (chop. chop. chop.) and wonder (the world is green! and there are spring shoots) and worry (even BIG kids need their ma). Easter departed as… Continue reading

my lately

I said goodbye to the café last week as the door closed for the end of the University year. And from there, I headed straight into some massive catering jobs. It was a… Continue reading

looking back | stepping ahead

We’re on the cusp of change. Still, that heady time of spring cannot arrive soon enough for me. Although I’m anchored in the present (pragmatism has a way of stealing desire’s thunder) I’m… Continue reading

a little yin :: a little yang

This past week, I walked home in the late afternoon, drenched in impossible sunshine. It truly was the golden hour and I clung to the prospect of days like this unfolding for months… Continue reading

weekend roundup: toronto

The wind roared, the cold sunk into my bones, and it snowed. Really snowed, with flakes fluttering and twinkling on wild flashes of sun. It was a weekend for visiting family and traversing… Continue reading

petite bliss

Halloween came and went, as it always does, in a blur of sugar-fueled, late night antics and an endless parade of costumes. I snapped some photos of our favourite four-year-old friend (when she… Continue reading

hello, saturday

Clouds hang in a dull, grey sky and I’m moving quietly, unhurriedly inside. The house is empty of kids. Music and tea and a head full of plans keep me company. I hope… Continue reading

tea first

I had an unexpected, though not unwelcome, early start to the day. A gentle rain was falling on the skylight above my bed, the house was creaking as old houses do when they… Continue reading

Crossing the finish line

Today was Red Circle Day and I made it to the finish line. My last day in the resto kitchen. Every part of my being feels flooded with relief and satisfaction. The crazy… Continue reading

my lately

On the family front, I’ve been whisked into a vortex of change. Change that feels vast, in territory that is uncharted. Each of us is leaping into the fray simultaneously: a final year… Continue reading

blogging about kids: where do we draw the lines?

Recently, I received an email from a reader curious to know why I don’t include my children more frequently on my blog. You might think that with four kids (and let’s face it,… Continue reading

the slow side of morning

This is day two of a week off from work. I have a longing to unplug and find my centre of calm this week, far from extraneous noise and distraction. I’m limiting time… Continue reading

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