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sunday slowly

In the weeks leading up to Christmas, I would leave home in the morning when it was dark and return in the dark of night. These are the months when winter feels like… Continue reading

bringing the outdoors in

There’s a flower shop in my neighbourhood which used to be an old green grocer, with wooden stands arranged out front beneath awnings. Round the side are the original market stalls still filled… Continue reading

Welcome to Wildwood Collective, the new home of Bliss In Images

After five years of building Bliss In Images, I learned a lot about what it is that I most wanted to capture and share through my blog. Like any relationship, elements change and growth… Continue reading

winter’s eve

autumn | inside and out

Last week, with time to kill before a bus arrived, I wandered into one of those ‘house and home’ stores. Without fun money to spend, browsing was where it was at. I opened the… Continue reading

stepping into the unknown

This past weekend brought with it some acceptance. I’m laying this hiring nightmare (the “when difficult employers happen to good people” fiasco!) to rest and stepping towards what lies ahead. I’ve stopped dismantling these past… Continue reading

autumn | bringing the outdoors in

Lately, I’ve been scavenging on our ravine walks, gathering fallen leaves, branches and acorns, snipping rose hips and dried grasses and laying them gently in a worn, cloth bag which bears the ravages of… Continue reading

summer’s remains: alexander muir gardens

Moving back to Toronto has meant that each day brings something incredibly new—and old—my way. Alexander Muir Gardens, my neighbourhood park, is the same park I ran wild in as a child. I’d leave… Continue reading

spring ahead

Clocks move ahead tonight. They say the consolation to losing an hour of sleep is gaining an extra hour of evening light. My already sleep-deprived body may not be embracing that, but the… Continue reading


Before running errands yesterday, I ventured down to the river for a walk. The sidewalks in town have all but disappeared, we’re so heavily blanketed in snow. I moved knee-deep through the park,… Continue reading

into the woods

This is the time of year for goodbyes. The final remains of summer’s warmth yields to jackets and hands stuffed in pockets by late afternoon. The leaves fall quickly now, gold and burnt… Continue reading


Last weekend we ventured deep into the woods with friends we adore. The cedar trees were pungent, and gossamer strands of milkweed floated delicately on the breeze. We picked apples along the way.… Continue reading

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