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summer’s end | amy merrick

It’s been a rough go lately. An emotional and psychological marathon with a few good restaurant kitchen-induced body batterings tossed in. All of which has put my patience and mental endurance to the… Continue reading

greeting the sun

Postscript: photos by: bliss {in images}

my lately

Finding a new, replenishing rhythm to these days off work. Fatigue dissolving slowly, surely. Tea at sunrise. Breakfast on the porch. Paper lanterns in the summer breeze. Savoring the last chapter of a… Continue reading

hello, July

I awoke this morning feeling rested. Rested! What an incredible and uncommon feeling. Something that I haven’t experienced for a very long time given late night creative stints and early morning restaurant starts.… Continue reading


Lately, we’ve been having ghastly humid days. Add another 15 degrees to that and you have a restaurant kitchen, ovens and all, that is a monster in need of taming. I work, I… Continue reading

cusp of summer

It’s become clear to me that I find breakfast rituals extremely soothing. They’re a way for me to set the tone for the day, or to reclaim some peace. I enjoy taking time… Continue reading


Is there a place you’re drawn to in order to get right with yourself? A place where, without even thinking on it, you know beyond doubt your gut and heart will align to… Continue reading

just breathe

Lilacs in my kitchen. Also known as: my antidote to working a holiday weekend in a restaurant kitchen.


This past week has been jammed full of happenings in the restaurant kitchen, including a ferociously busy Mother’s Day brunch, and catering amidst all the usual sorts of busyness. It’s always revealing to… Continue reading

oh, magnolia!

Nothing calms me and stills my galloping thoughts like a day with camera in hand and the certainty of a long, meditative walk. An explosion of colour has unleashed itself in town this… Continue reading

brickworks in spring: part two

More photos from our weekend excursion to Evergreen Brickworks. Sweet sunshine, an unexpected meet-up with great friends, handfuls of squidgy clay, warm earth, a jewel blue sky and contentment …

brickworks in spring: part one

If you’re a regular reader, you’ll know of my big love for Toronto’s Evergreen Brickworks. And if you’re new to these pages and fancy a little exploration, you’ll find this post and another… Continue reading

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