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my lately

Spring softens winter’s melancholy days, signaling endings and with them, the promise of renewal. The shifts in nature causing a groundswell of change in the heart, the self. New direction and unmapped beginnings.… Continue reading

forever spring

Thirteen years ago, my son went walking in the fields surrounding our farmhouse to collect wildflowers. He was nine-years old, with a love for the land and all that grew untamed. It was… Continue reading


I came home from work yesterday, fairly desperate to sink into pillows and fold up beneath blankets. A cold had chased me relentlessly, moving faster than I could outrun it. Having managed to… Continue reading


This week, the cafĂ© was filled with the remains of winter-hearty, comfort food. Soups bursting with smoky chipotle, toasted cumin and coriander seeds and the sweet, earthy notes of cinnamon and nutmeg. The… Continue reading

thoughts of spring

It’s been a full and busy week. I feel spent and so ready to sink into this Saturday (even if it does involve catering for the first wedding of the season this evening).… Continue reading

Brickworks in winter

My weekend road trip included another visit to Evergreen Brickworks. It’s an oasis of tranquility, green space and artistic energy right in the heart of Toronto, with a year-round Farmer’s Market that’s always… Continue reading

happy new year!

Farewells make my heart leap … and sink, just a little. This year has carried me through all kinds of changes. It’s tossed me up and set me gently back down, all the… Continue reading

finding peace

The antidote for me to stores, holiday crowds and bone-crushing fatigue is a solo retreat to the woods. There’s nothing else that replenishes my energy and makes my spirit soar quite like this… Continue reading

winter woods

Yesterday, the sun made a shy, hesitating appearance. This was shout-aloud news in my house, seeing as these grey days could rival even those of Scotland. So I packed a camera, filled a… Continue reading


I took a walk, along with Number Two, to my favourite waterfront spot in town. With only a trace of sun and the wind biting, coffee and chai were the best hand warmers.… Continue reading


Over the weekend I visited an old friend’s garden. She’s an artist who creates sculptures and still life settings in her garden from found, salvaged and thrifted objects. Everywhere the eye goes, there’s… Continue reading

weekend pieces

Tea, summer fruit and no reason to hurry. A road trip, a farmhouse and family. Thirsty land, the shade of trees and a red-hot thunderstorm. Charcoal barbeques, music outdoors, farmhouse treasures. Ice cream,… Continue reading

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