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mid summer

We’ve turned a corner and suddenly run smack into August—how did it all happen so fast? I can’t say that it’s been a leisurely summer. It’s been a head down, pounding-it-out-in-the-kitchen sort of… Continue reading


I think these so-called lazy, hazy days of summer have turned a sharp corner into drought, and there ain’t nothing idyllic about that. In these parts, farmers are faced with the prospect of… Continue reading

my lately

It’s been hot n’ horrendous out on The BVG! The balcony’s eastern exposure ensures that the vegies, herbs and flowers are sun drenched for a good six hours daily. This past week, with… Continue reading

more from the BVG

The BVG is growing wildly! These soaring temperatures and full on sun have power-boosted the vegies. There’s a Jack and the Beanstock effect happening daily. Amidst all the hauling, planting and puttering, there… Continue reading

the BVG

These past few weeks have been intensely busy on the work front. Lots of new developments are happening in the catering kitchen and exhaustion aside, I’m so excited about the food I’m creating!… Continue reading

big bounty on the balcony

This evening I finished planting my vegie garden on the balcony—my first ever, full-on container garden! After spending a crazy long day preparing food for catering and our local farmer’s market, I was… Continue reading

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