Category Archive: Summer

Summer Weekend | Toronto Islands

On any given weekend in summer, usually the last place I’d want to be is on the Toronto Islands. Just the thought of interminable ferry line-ups and the horde descending on Centreville amusement… Continue reading

My Lately

Mid-summer days | Tea and couches, cats and books | East End Toronto love | Pulp Kitchen smoothies: elixirs for searing hot afternoons | Riding the streetcar to The Beach without any hurry,… Continue reading

solace | looking back

This week I’m reposting some entries from Bliss In Images—the ones that eluded import to Wildwood. As if on cue, echoing the post below, summer heat has switched on with a vengeance. Fortunately… Continue reading

Crossing the finish line

Today was Red Circle Day and I made it to the finish line. My last day in the resto kitchen. Every part of my being feels flooded with relief and satisfaction. The crazy… Continue reading

summer’s end | amy merrick

It’s been a rough go lately. An emotional and psychological marathon with a few good restaurant kitchen-induced body batterings tossed in. All of which has put my patience and mental endurance to the… Continue reading

my lately

On the family front, I’ve been whisked into a vortex of change. Change that feels vast, in territory that is uncharted. Each of us is leaping into the fray simultaneously: a final year… Continue reading

greeting the sun

Postscript: photos by: bliss {in images}

my lately

Finding a new, replenishing rhythm to these days off work. Fatigue dissolving slowly, surely. Tea at sunrise. Breakfast on the porch. Paper lanterns in the summer breeze. Savoring the last chapter of a… Continue reading

the slow side of morning

This is day two of a week off from work. I have a longing to unplug and find my centre of calm this week, far from extraneous noise and distraction. I’m limiting time… Continue reading

mood indigo

photos by: bliss {in images}


Today, scorching temps outside and ovens blasting within, made for one gory stretch in the restaurant kitchen. Despite double-fisting glasses of ice water, cranberry juice and sparkling water throughout service, a hammering headache… Continue reading

hello, July

I awoke this morning feeling rested. Rested! What an incredible and uncommon feeling. Something that I haven’t experienced for a very long time given late night creative stints and early morning restaurant starts.… Continue reading

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