Autumn Closing In

As much as I welcome a change in season (sweater season!) in all ways, I’m not at all unhappy about extending my summer—in Bali. The cold comes all too quickly and ferociously in… Continue reading

My Lately

I’m in the process of finding someone to sublet my apt and treat Denver with tender lovin’ care, while I’m in Bali. I think I’m narrowing the gap on that, fingers crossed. Once… Continue reading

Goodbye, August…

Autumn. It sneaks up quietly, almost imperceptibly. Cool, delicious air slices the humidity, rendering afternoons exquisite for long walks. Blue skies give way to a softer grey. We reach for a pair of… Continue reading

Market Days: Kensington | Chinatown

I’ve been hanging in Kensington Market and neighbouring Chinatown for more than 35 years. Which makes me feel at once old and completely at home no matter the days, weeks, even years between… Continue reading

Spadina House Gardens

This post is about one thing only: Flowers on flowers on flowers. All the fleurs! And then some. The gardens at Spadina House are still holding fast to summer, betraying only the smallest… Continue reading

Kensington Market Jazz

Sunday afternoon at the Poetry Jazz Café, music spilling out into the streets of the Market. The best walk-by treat of all. Summer 2015 is going out with a bang.

Sunday Slowly

Gone is the grisly humidity of these past couple of weeks and the weather is just right for sleeping (relief!) and tea-drinking and opening windows. This morning I collected a handful of acorns,… Continue reading

The Push | Pull of Travel Anxiety

Right now I’m struggling with the confronting fact that in six weeks, I’ll be stepping out of my day-to-day life, handing over my apartment keys and traveling for two months. It’s a bona… Continue reading

Wakame-Rice Noodle & Toasted Nori Salad with Peanut-Lime Dressing

How was your weekend, friends? Eli and I hit Kensington Mkt, visiting all my favourite health food stores and scooping ingredients for a gorgeous standby: rice noodle salad with toasted nori and seeds,… Continue reading

Summer Weekend | Toronto Islands

On any given weekend in summer, usually the last place I’d want to be is on the Toronto Islands. Just the thought of interminable ferry line-ups and the horde descending on Centreville amusement… Continue reading

Sunday Slowly

This weekend is book-ended by a work contract that ended Friday and another that begins Monday. Champagne was popped Friday night, which was both celebratory and revelatory. I’m somewhat bewildered to say that… Continue reading

Allan Gardens Conservatory | Part Two

Succulent heaven. That is all. (Except that you should teleport if you can’t get your feet here.)

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    The other day while waiting for photos to be printed—and to get out of the stinking heat—I ducked into Urban Outfitters. I'm so not their demographic, but wasting time in air conditioning and browsing STUFF was good enough for me. I did laugh (well ... scoff) at the skimpy Ikat blanket that cost ten billion times what I paid for one in Bali. But then I was lured towards a tabletop of shiny, pretty little things, like dishes for jewelry. And these triangular-shaped glass containers. Not having a hip molecule in my being, I hadn't a clue what to do with them. Was I meant to put a succulent in one? Or jewelry? Suddenly I was overwhelmed by my conspicuousness—People My Age do not lurk here. I took it as a sign to beat it. And then this charming little over-priced plant mister caught my eye. The irony of finding one there when I hadn't been able to anywhere else wasn't lost on me. I took it to the cashier. He swooped it up and said, "I just LOVE these! They remind me of, you know, like Edwardian ladies misting themselves with perfume". I looked at him, suddenly feeling v tired and said, "Um ... it's a plant mister". And he, glaring at me, came back with, "Uh, NOoooo. You put your perfume in it". "Right", I said. "Can you just wrap it in tissue? I'll make sure to spritz myself AND and the plants". Epic Millennial fail ... Nice plant mister. I totally pinched this from my kid @zoe_kate 's Instagram. Because what the hell ... My Nana heart is exploding! Booties stitched by @nadia_c_tan artist extraordinaire. 💓 Lil peaches for breakfast. That is all. 🍑 Sat morning quiet (aka The Teenager is still in the man cave ... )
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