the view from here

All I can say is thank god I have a freakish adoration for yogourt …Well, that, and more importantly, thank-you for your kindest of words, steadfast support and wonderful insights. I’ve gone the… Continue reading


I came home from work yesterday, fairly desperate to sink into pillows and fold up beneath blankets. A cold had chased me relentlessly, moving faster than I could outrun it. Having managed to… Continue reading

lotions, potions and tinkering

Lately, with the busyness of work and a side project under wraps, nothing has rivaled the anticipation of unplugging on weekend mornings. Turning the ringer off the house phone, shutting off my mobile,… Continue reading


This week, the café was filled with the remains of winter-hearty, comfort food. Soups bursting with smoky chipotle, toasted cumin and coriander seeds and the sweet, earthy notes of cinnamon and nutmeg. The… Continue reading

on (happily) not getting things done

It’s a cat’s life round here, it seems. And although I am a dog person by nature, there have been many surprising benefits (we won’t talk about stubborn fleas, the 4 am demonic… Continue reading

thoughts of spring

It’s been a full and busy week. I feel spent and so ready to sink into this Saturday (even if it does involve catering for the first wedding of the season this evening).… Continue reading

nooks and crannies

Sometimes joy waits quietly for you in the places you see everyday, but forget to notice …

chalk it up to style

I’ve been enthralled for some time now by the custom chalk stylings of Brooklyn-based graphic designer and hand-letterer, Dana Tanamachi. The impermanence of her art form adds a rare quality to its beauty.… Continue reading

holiday tea

Good Monday morning, friends. It’s a holiday weekend round here and we are slowly, happily moving into the day. Number One is on her way into town for a b-day visit. A pot… Continue reading

baked bliss

It’s Valentine’s Day, and sooner or later all roads lead to chocolate. The early part of my morning was spent baking, piping and topping these little cuppies for the café. Pure. Chokky. Bliss.… Continue reading

brave hearts

There’s nothing wrong with love-filled notes and chokky, of course, is most sublime. But I hope your hearts are filled with a love for all that you know to be true and gentle… Continue reading

doily cookies: part two

With Valentine’s day just up ahead, it’s a perfect time for creating some sweet ‘n special treats. My original doily cookies have been so well-loved and shared, that another batch seemed just the… Continue reading

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