happy new year!

Farewells make my heart leap … and sink, just a little. This year has carried me through all kinds of changes. It’s tossed me up and set me gently back down, all the… Continue reading

finding peace

The antidote for me to stores, holiday crowds and bone-crushing fatigue is a solo retreat to the woods. There’s nothing else that replenishes my energy and makes my spirit soar quite like this… Continue reading

winter woods

Yesterday, the sun made a shy, hesitating appearance. This was shout-aloud news in my house, seeing as these grey days could rival even those of Scotland. So I packed a camera, filled a… Continue reading

tea and a boy

Number Four’s been given a get-out-of-school-free card today. He’s home nursing the remnants of an allergic reaction turned to a cold. We’ve eaten homemade breakfast sandwiches with too much bacon for him, and… Continue reading

the sunday bits

It’s the one-two punch: grey+rain. What’s missing? The day-before-yesterday’s snow+sunshine. Oh, sunshine. It’s been too long. So long in fact, that everywhere I go, folks look as though the soundtrack’s missing from daily… Continue reading

creative space: amy merrick

Floral design and Amy Merrick are a style relationship that should last forever. With a background in fashion design but a desire to switch paths, she landed at Saipua where she cut her… Continue reading

three is best

The Wonder Girl descended on the house for a babysit-turned-sleepover on Saturday. And what had begun as a 5am start preparing for the Farmer’s Market, ended with the two of us, dinner in… Continue reading


Our friend The Wonder Girl has new specs Pink specs She makes them look sensational! —☆—


A quiet day filled with tea and honey, books and journals. A day of emptying closets and finding childhood artwork and decorations for a tree. A day of solitude and the sweetness of first clementines.

creative space: artemis russell and nao utsumi

Some time ago, an artist friend and I installed ourselves in a bookstore with a glut of chai, a pile of magazines and a good dose of catch-up chat. I mentioned my idea… Continue reading

chasing the grey away

I hope your weekend is full of small wonders …

cobbling happiness

It’s been a rough week. The sort that pulls you over emotional gravel on your belly. Two death anniversaries (my husband/pappa to Numbers One and Two, and my dad) with another looming, each… Continue reading

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