creative space: maria ivanova

As an illustrator who also creates graphic, textile and ceramic art, Maria Ivanova’s studio in St. Petersburg Russia is lush with colour, inspiration at every turn, and magical light. There’s an ethereal quality… Continue reading

tower of love

Pancakes yogourt raspberries maple syrup children love done ❤

creative space: daisy garnett

I’m in the process of setting up a small creative space at home where I can write, learn more about photography, and maybe even pick up a drawing pencil and paint brush again.… Continue reading

hold on

Lately I’ve been faced with some heavy-duty challenges on the work front and therefore some repercussions on the home front. Truth is, I’m feeling slightly up against it on both fronts. Those things,… Continue reading


I took a walk, along with Number Two, to my favourite waterfront spot in town. With only a trace of sun and the wind biting, coffee and chai were the best hand warmers.… Continue reading

the soup cure

This change in season has brought all kinds of funky illness, knocking folks down like bowling pins. Number Four has spent the past few days under the covers. Today he seems to be… Continue reading


Today’s an at home day. A catch-up day. A day of comfort, soup and banana bread making and plenty of hot chocolate taken decadently to bed with a book. I hope your cocoon… Continue reading

oh, perfect she

This weekend I had the pleasure of spending the day with possibly the world’s best (unless that’s yours) three-year old. And we had a sleepover for good measure. It’s been ten years since… Continue reading

retreat {part two}

There was once a blue wooden mail box that stood where the road dipped. It marked the entrance to our farmhouse, a line of maple trees overhanging the steep drive on either side.… Continue reading


Yesterday, Zoë and I went for a walk in the woods, back to the land where our farmhouse once stood. It’s always a bittersweet retreat for me. The land calls me back with… Continue reading


When I went away this summer on that maniacal cooking gig, as well as giving up my peace of mind, sleep and showering, I gave up eating simple carbs. The first three being,… Continue reading

lingering summer

Today felt as though it was going to be one of those “expect the best but prepare for the worst” sort of days. I often anticipate that when stresses pile up. And inexplicably,… Continue reading

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