Allan Gardens Conservatory | Part One

Long weekends are built for wandering, wherever your inclination and heart lead you. I spent yesterday afternoon in the city, far from the crowds, in Allan Gardens conservatories. Just me, my camera and… Continue reading

My Lately

Mid-summer days | Tea and couches, cats and books | East End Toronto love | Pulp Kitchen smoothies: elixirs for searing hot afternoons | Riding the streetcar to The Beach without any hurry,… Continue reading

Saturday Morning, 10 a.m.

Few words, just space to ignite transformation and a cup of ginger-lemon tea.

Summer Eats

Come summer, I never experience the cooking slump that frequently hits mid-winter. Garden fresh fruits and vegies change everything. Suddenly there’s an explosion of colour, a snap and a sweetness that offsets the… Continue reading

Saturday Morning, 10 a.m.

Sorting fruit from the market | Baking gluten-free blueberry muffins | Breakfast on the couch | Catching up on emails | Trip planning: beach hut-hunting on Gili Meno and Gili Air | Looking… Continue reading


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sunday slowly

Summer has kicked in, at last, greening and growing everything. It seems I can’t get enough of the berries that are so plentiful, filling grocery shelves and markets. Happily, Toronto still has green… Continue reading

sip slowly | looking back

More from the posts that got away … Location: my old house (Originally posted July 16, 2013) The temperature continues to soar, and so today was a day for moving utterly slowly. That… Continue reading

solace | looking back

This week I’m reposting some entries from Bliss In Images—the ones that eluded import to Wildwood. As if on cue, echoing the post below, summer heat has switched on with a vengeance. Fortunately… Continue reading

sunday slowly

We haven’t had many days lately that could be called pyjama days, or something close to it. And today’s been of those … so far. Number Four summoned the magic of the internet… Continue reading

savour | looking back

Recently, I accidentally discovered a handful of posts (most from 2013) that weren’t imported from Bliss In Images when Wildwood Collective went live. They may have slipped through the cracks, but I’ve decided… Continue reading

on the trail

I did an hour of yoga yesterday, followed by a two-hour walk on the Beltline Trail. I had to persuade myself to do both. What I felt most like doing was just the… Continue reading

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    The other day while waiting for photos to be printed—and to get out of the stinking heat—I ducked into Urban Outfitters. I'm so not their demographic, but wasting time in air conditioning and browsing STUFF was good enough for me. I did laugh (well ... scoff) at the skimpy Ikat blanket that cost ten billion times what I paid for one in Bali. But then I was lured towards a tabletop of shiny, pretty little things, like dishes for jewelry. And these triangular-shaped glass containers. Not having a hip molecule in my being, I hadn't a clue what to do with them. Was I meant to put a succulent in one? Or jewelry? Suddenly I was overwhelmed by my conspicuousness—People My Age do not lurk here. I took it as a sign to beat it. And then this charming little over-priced plant mister caught my eye. The irony of finding one there when I hadn't been able to anywhere else wasn't lost on me. I took it to the cashier. He swooped it up and said, "I just LOVE these! They remind me of, you know, like Edwardian ladies misting themselves with perfume". I looked at him, suddenly feeling v tired and said, "Um ... it's a plant mister". And he, glaring at me, came back with, "Uh, NOoooo. You put your perfume in it". "Right", I said. "Can you just wrap it in tissue? I'll make sure to spritz myself AND and the plants". Epic Millennial fail ... Nice plant mister. I totally pinched this from my kid @zoe_kate 's Instagram. Because what the hell ... My Nana heart is exploding! Booties stitched by @nadia_c_tan artist extraordinaire. 💓 Lil peaches for breakfast. That is all. 🍑 Sat morning quiet (aka The Teenager is still in the man cave ... )
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