oh, canada!

Happy Canada Day, fellow lovers of this land! We’ve powered up with green smoothies (spinach, kale, almond milk, banana, ginger, coconut butter, hemp hearts) and some pretty glorious muffins: gluten and dairy-free lemon… Continue reading

sunday slowly

Rain upon rain upon rain. Plans made and re-imagined, phone chats with friends, heaps of fruit and tea on refill, the cocooned comfort of a bath robe, and bare feet on cool wooden… Continue reading

bali | on my mind

I’ll be spending October and November in Bali and the Gili Islands. So I’ve been collecting photos—visuals that breathe life into my trip, helping to lift the planning off the page. These are… Continue reading


This weekend’s garden walk: pause … breathe … squeal … snap! Bloom time is fleeting, evanescent, in Southern Ontario. So moments such as these are best spent lingering, savoring, locking their clarity into… Continue reading


By mid-week it was time to call in the big guns to adios a miserable cold turned sinus infection with an unstoppable cough. Antibiotics are never a fun experience (hello acidophilus, meet what… Continue reading

happy 1st anniversary, zoë and aaron!

Last year, the days and weeks leading up to my daughter Zoë’s wedding at Berkeley Fieldhouse, passed in a blur of mounting excitement, planning (and Plan B-ing), copious phone calls and incredulity that… Continue reading


source: Sister Outsider, “The Transformation of Silence into Language and Action”

into the weekend

Slowly, this cold begins to budge. The rain falls steadily and everything I can view from these windows is verdant, lush. Maybe tomorrow, when my energy picks up and something other than pillow… Continue reading

peony perfection

There’s something completely dislocating about having flu symptoms in June when you’ve said goodbye (and good riddance) to a Northern winter. Lying in bed with a piercingly sore throat and all the mundane… Continue reading

my lately

First peonies unfurled: the gasp is never less intense. Gluten and dairy-free choco chunk cookies: the thrill lives on. Breakfast bowls: fruit-filled to the brim, sweet and tart and minty. Reading: Robyn Davidson’s… Continue reading

sunday slowly

It hasn’t stopped raining since yesterday. And although I haven’t checked, I suspect there’s been an explosion of garden growth. It’s also unseasonably cold (how quickly we become attached to warm weather!) and… Continue reading


This afternoon, I set out to roam the woods nearby and the sky went from cotton wool clouds to broody within ten minutes. But I persevered despite ominous clouds hovering; not much comes… Continue reading

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