Coconut-lovers raw energy bars

I’m often on the hunt for a great-tasting, gluten and dairy-free snack that delivers an energy boost. Something that lifts me but lets me down gently. Refined sugar and I are not good… Continue reading

the green below the city

Running through the ravine system, the Beltline Trail in Toronto is my green refuge below the city. No matter how many times I get on the trail—at any access point—something new captures my… Continue reading

Toronto Islands retreat

I have a week off work and I’ve chosen to focus on self-care each day. Part of that involves saying yes to only those requests that my heart has no battle with and… Continue reading

Sunday Slowly

Early morning yoga, before tea, before the distraction of a kitchen that needed cleaning, before the phone might ring, before the pull of the day … And later, a bowl filled with crisp,… Continue reading

bali, blooms and salted chocolate

Trip-planning, blossom-coveting and cookie-making — that pretty much sums up the better part of my weekend. I’ve been planning, coaxing and writing a trip into existence. Observing, dissolving into waves of bliss and… Continue reading

Happy Mother’s Day!

As any mum of older children will tell you, convening your brood takes some decent amount of planning (translation: text marathoning). I hopped on a train and a bus to see my mighty… Continue reading

weekend bits

You know you’re firmly under Bunner’s spell when you call ahead on Saturday morning and reserve a bunch of muffins with your credit card to avoid the disappointment of finding they’re sold out. … Continue reading

my lately

Waking to the sound of birds hungry for spring. Lately, these have been coffee mornings and tea afternoons. Salad has returned to the table with an unquenchable longing for greens. Traipsing through the… Continue reading


How has your weekend been? My living room is flooded with sunshine, making this couch even more of an anchor. I’m simply lapping it up. It’s been a weekend of puttering and making.… Continue reading


This was the first thing I saw this morning, en route to the kettle (Apart from the cat, camped on my chest and staring at me). These parrot tulips can stare at me… Continue reading

all the chocolate

There may be several good reasons to wait til just before the weekend to buy your Easter chocolate—including temptation—but I can’t get behind a single one. I’ve practised anything but abstinence this week… Continue reading

then came spring

Only one word: relief!

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