winter morning

Happy weekending, friends. I hope there’s a pocket of time in yours where the worries, stress and hype of the season fade. I’m looking forward to some cooking (and baking!) and the opportunity… Continue reading

bringing the outdoors in

There’s a flower shop in my neighbourhood which used to be an old green grocer, with wooden stands arranged out front beneath awnings. Round the side are the original market stalls still filled… Continue reading

lentil soup with lemon, ginger and honey

Nearly all of us in the family have been tagged by a cold. Number Two is the only one still standing. Somehow, I made it through last winter without a single cold. There were a couple… Continue reading

Welcome to Wildwood Collective, the new home of Bliss In Images

After five years of building Bliss In Images, I learned a lot about what it is that I most wanted to capture and share through my blog. Like any relationship, elements change and growth… Continue reading

sweet news: a blog move!

I’m excited to tell you that change is underway! For some time now, I’ve been thinking about taking my blog Bliss In Images in a new direction. From the outset, blogging was simply… Continue reading

sunday slowly | french toast two ways

French toast is the perfect comfort-breakfast for a grey, winter day, when lolling about at home is all you really want to do. Kieran had his favourite version, what we like to call… Continue reading

Saturday morn | gluten-free baked apple spice pancake

When Number One was small, I made baked German Apple Pancake in a cast iron skillet for the first time. It quickly became a special treat, mostly because it’s one of those recipes… Continue reading

winter’s eve

comfort | raspberry lemon gluten-free/vegan muffins

Holy snowfall! And Toronto hasn’t even seen the worst of it … Today was a good day for marvelling at the snow from inside. It was a once-around-the-fridge day to use ingredients before… Continue reading

hello, monday

It’s Monday. Two words: tea and coffee … Winter is afoot. I can feel myself bracing for its arrival. Scarves and hats are sitting in a basket in the hall. The damp mornings… Continue reading

autumn | inside and out

Last week, with time to kill before a bus arrived, I wandered into one of those ‘house and home’ stores. Without fun money to spend, browsing was where it was at. I opened the… Continue reading

stepping into the unknown

This past weekend brought with it some acceptance. I’m laying this hiring nightmare (the “when difficult employers happen to good people” fiasco!) to rest and stepping towards what lies ahead. I’ve stopped dismantling these past… Continue reading

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