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bali, blooms and salted chocolate

Trip-planning, blossom-coveting and cookie-making — that pretty much sums up the better part of my weekend. I’ve been planning, coaxing and writing a trip into existence. Observing, dissolving into waves of bliss and… Continue reading

sunday slowly

A day for hibernating, after a busy week. Crumpled feels good, necessary even. No clock, no schedule, no phone, no internets. Just scones and tea and toast. All the eggs and even the… Continue reading

comfort | raspberry lemon gluten-free/vegan muffins

Holy snowfall! And Toronto hasn’t even seen the worst of it … Today was a good day for marvelling at the snow from inside. It was a once-around-the-fridge day to use ingredients before… Continue reading

peanut butter, nutella and banana sandwich cookies

You’d think I’d get all my baking ya-ya’s out at work. But surprisingly, I came home today feeling a sudden urge to bake some more. As a mum, I like baking for my… Continue reading

wordless wednesday: mouths full

photos by: bliss {in images}

week’s end

This has been a week book-ended by challenges and difficult news to bear. One of those weeks that seems to grow more impossible from start to finish. It hasn’t been without bright spots… Continue reading

merry christmas, friends!

Our Christmas has been somewhat unusual this year, not least because we celebrated on December 23. Number One and her fella flew to LA yesterday to share Christmas with his family, but before… Continue reading

snow day ☆ cake day

Recently, my Number Four needed a self-proclaimed Snow Day. And as I had the day off work, his need dovetailed perfectly with my ability to say YES! He said he’d like to go… Continue reading

welcome, december!

This morning the cat climbed beneath the covers with me and tucking herself into the crook of my arm, we burrowed in a winter fort, neither one of us ready to meet the… Continue reading

tea o’clock: strawberry-lemon scones

I make scones each morning at work, and absolutely love the process. For years, they’ve been one of my favourite things to bake: ridiculously minimal work for maximum tastiness! The part of me… Continue reading

gluten-free pumpkin spice cake goes vegan!

This evening I enjoyed another (uh huh) piece of gluten-free pumpkin spice cake. This is day three of its unrefrigerated life, and it’s just as moist as day one. In fact, it’s one… Continue reading

baked bliss

It’s Valentine’s Day, and sooner or later all roads lead to chocolate. The early part of my morning was spent baking, piping and topping these little cuppies for the café. Pure. Chokky. Bliss.… Continue reading

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