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winter gardens

Yesterday, powered by oats (no surprises there!) I spent the afternoon roaming the neighbourhood I lived in as a teenager. With only traces of snow on the ground, and an abundance of oak… Continue reading

powered by oats (and thoughts of spring)

Despite the fact that our three-day weekend sped by, it felt luxurious to have Monday off. After lolling about in bed as long as possible, I headed to the kitchen to make us… Continue reading

my lately

Finding a new, replenishing rhythm to these days off work. Fatigue dissolving slowly, surely. Tea at sunrise. Breakfast on the porch. Paper lanterns in the summer breeze. Savoring the last chapter of a… Continue reading

bliss in a teacup

photos by: bliss {in images}

beauty and truth

When I was a young, first-time mother, I became acquainted with a woman who was newly divorced, having left not only her husband but an extremely affluent lifestyle. People shook their heads with… Continue reading

peony love

There’s an abundance of peonies this week in my house—and on the blog. I was going to write overabundance, but just as quickly realized that there’s absolutely No Such Thing. Like lilacs and… Continue reading


Is there a place you’re drawn to in order to get right with yourself? A place where, without even thinking on it, you know beyond doubt your gut and heart will align to… Continue reading

thoughts of spring

It’s been a full and busy week. I feel spent and so ready to sink into this Saturday (even if it does involve catering for the first wedding of the season this evening).… Continue reading


Over the weekend I visited an old friend’s garden. She’s an artist who creates sculptures and still life settings in her garden from found, salvaged and thrifted objects. Everywhere the eye goes, there’s… Continue reading

salad days

Yesterday, I had my first salad from the BVG. There’s something so incomparably satisfying about growing your own food—and better yet, eating it! I thought I’d share a little balcony-to-plate goodness with you.… Continue reading

my lately

It’s been hot n’ horrendous out on The BVG! The balcony’s eastern exposure ensures that the vegies, herbs and flowers are sun drenched for a good six hours daily. This past week, with… Continue reading

tea and paper lanterns

Lately, I’ve had some excellent (and thrift-worthy!) visits to my hometown, Toronto. Number Two celebrated his birthday last month, and since  his beloved Portugal was playing a Euro cup match, he orchestrated a… Continue reading

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