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How has your weekend been? My living room is flooded with sunshine, making this couch even more of an anchor. I’m simply lapping it up. It’s been a weekend of puttering and making.… Continue reading

all the chocolate

There may be several good reasons to wait til just before the weekend to buy your Easter chocolate—including temptation—but I can’t get behind a single one. I’ve practised anything but abstinence this week… Continue reading

wee tree

There have been years of trips to the tree farm, with a wagon ride across snowy fields to cut a Christmas tree, then hot chocolate around a bonfire. There were trees cut down… Continue reading

my lately

Remnants of Christmas signal the end of the holiday and soon a closure to the year: the tree has sacrificed ornaments to the cats; the last of the cookies and bits of turkey… Continue reading

merry christmas, friends!

Our Christmas has been somewhat unusual this year, not least because we celebrated on December 23. Number One and her fella flew to LA yesterday to share Christmas with his family, but before… Continue reading

christmas without the rush

Today I began—and finished—my Christmas shopping. How is that notable? Well, because in the space of fifteen minutes, my shopping was done. And I’m still reeling from the shock and delight. I had… Continue reading

eggs and rabbits and such

The Easter Bunny slept in … ❤ And so did the cat—in her bed, not mine. Have I ever mentioned that I love having older children? Thought so. All that and coffee and… Continue reading


My New Year’s eve was spent at home with way too much chocolate, music and a political documentary. I know. Not exactly fireworks-and-glass-raising, and not even what I would have expected, but there… Continue reading

happy new year!

Farewells make my heart leap … and sink, just a little. This year has carried me through all kinds of changes. It’s tossed me up and set me gently back down, all the… Continue reading

finding peace

The antidote for me to stores, holiday crowds and bone-crushing fatigue is a solo retreat to the woods. There’s nothing else that replenishes my energy and makes my spirit soar quite like this… Continue reading

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