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winter’s eve


comfort | raspberry lemon gluten-free/vegan muffins

Holy snowfall! And Toronto hasn’t even seen the worst of it … Today was a good day for marvelling at the snow from inside. It was a once-around-the-fridge day to use ingredients before… Continue reading

the odd bits

What can you say about a week that was bookended by sandals and mittens? Where a single layer was cloyingly hot and a hat and scarf weren’t nearly enough. Where spring rain nourished… Continue reading


If there was any lingering despair that it might just keep on snowing, the rain has moved in to announce it’s truly spring. At last. We finished a catering job today, leaving the afternoon wide… Continue reading

my lately

I said goodbye to the café last week as the door closed for the end of the University year. And from there, I headed straight into some massive catering jobs. It was a… Continue reading


photos by: bliss {in images}


photo by: bliss {in images}

and lo, it was the weekend

I’ve jumped from one Sunday to the next, with a week full of busyness to show for it. But that mostly involves work, and who needs to hear about that at the weekend?… Continue reading

first snow

I happened to look out the kitchen window this morning as I was washing dishes and discovered snowflakes falling! I lay down the dish towel and walked over to the window, enjoying the… Continue reading

no bonfire, no problem

I went to a work shindig not long ago. The night air was crisp but the backyard bonfire was spectacular in the way that bonfires are, drawing everyone closer to the hub of… Continue reading

saturday slowly

Grey skies, rain and a wind that reminds us winter is on its way. The smell of apples and cinnamon turning golden in the pan. Amber syrup, warm oats and the sweetness of… Continue reading

on soup, cake and comfort

Perhaps the best thing about making a large pot of soup, is the love that it keeps on giving over the next couple of days. Last night, in honour of my broccoli-loving, vegetarian… Continue reading

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