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bali, blooms and salted chocolate

Trip-planning, blossom-coveting and cookie-making — that pretty much sums up the better part of my weekend. I’ve been planning, coaxing and writing a trip into existence. Observing, dissolving into waves of bliss and… Continue reading

Happy Mother’s Day!

As any mum of older children will tell you, convening your brood takes some decent amount of planning (translation: text marathoning). I hopped on a train and a bus to see my mighty… Continue reading

my lately

Waking to the sound of birds hungry for spring. Lately, these have been coffee mornings and tea afternoons. Salad has returned to the table with an unquenchable longing for greens. Traipsing through the… Continue reading

then came spring

Only one word: relief!

in bloom

The smallest sprigs of Lily of the Valley have cast their sweet scent near my bed. I smell their fragrance as I approach on the stairs. It’s remarkable how a wisp of blooms in… Continue reading

the odd bits

What can you say about a week that was bookended by sandals and mittens? Where a single layer was cloyingly hot and a hat and scarf weren’t nearly enough. Where spring rain nourished… Continue reading


If there was any lingering despair that it might just keep on snowing, the rain has moved in to announce it’s truly spring. At last. We finished a catering job today, leaving the afternoon wide… Continue reading

looking back | stepping ahead

We’re on the cusp of change. Still, that heady time of spring cannot arrive soon enough for me. Although I’m anchored in the present (pragmatism has a way of stealing desire’s thunder) I’m… Continue reading

a little yin :: a little yang

This past week, I walked home in the late afternoon, drenched in impossible sunshine. It truly was the golden hour and I clung to the prospect of days like this unfolding for months… Continue reading

spring ahead

Clocks move ahead tonight. They say the consolation to losing an hour of sleep is gaining an extra hour of evening light. My already sleep-deprived body may not be embracing that, but the… Continue reading

powered by oats (and thoughts of spring)

Despite the fact that our three-day weekend sped by, it felt luxurious to have Monday off. After lolling about in bed as long as possible, I headed to the kitchen to make us… Continue reading

oh, magnolia!

Nothing calms me and stills my galloping thoughts like a day with camera in hand and the certainty of a long, meditative walk. An explosion of colour has unleashed itself in town this… Continue reading

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